Vegan Etouffee

So this past week or two, I’ve been stuck in a food rut. I’ve been eating at Spiral a ton, and also getting wonderful Egyptian food from King Tut’s. I haven’t really cooked much, primarily because I’ve been super busy, and also mildly lazy. I made a weird scrambled tofu last weekend, which turned out fine minus the weird taste (which has nothing to do with the recipe; I think it is more a result of the fact that the tofu expired August 25). Although eating out is fun, I’ve missed cooking. I resolved today, amidst searching PetFind and cleaning the apartment, to make a vegan version of etouffee, something I’ve talked about for months, but never actually done.

So I went out to the grocery store, armed with a list of etoufee-like ingredients I found from some Google searches, and this recipe was born. Right now, I have no camera, but when I get one I will post a picture (probably tomorrow). The measurements aren’t specific (I tend to shake things a few times and see what happens), but it all turned out very good. The Hot Sauce is very adjustable depending on your preferences; just add a few shakes, stir, and check for hotness.

I served this with steamed white basmati rice, and nice frosty mug of Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale. Overall, no complaints.


Inspired by Googling “vegan etouffee,” reading through a few recipes, and then throwing some stuff in a bunch of pots.


¼ cup margarine

¼ cup flour

1 Onion, Diced

1 Zucchini Squash, Diced

1 Green Bell Pepper, Diced (I say diced for all these because I threw them in the food processor and it pulverized them, which worked well, but dicing is more normal)

Sliced green onion (2-5 stalks)

1 Vegan Sausage/Bratwurst, Diced

1 package Tempeh (crumbled)

Tomato Paste (1-3 spoonfuls/ 1/2 a can)

1 cup water

3 cloves minced garlic

Cayenne Pepper



Crushed fennel

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce (I found a Cajun one today for 69 cents! Also, did you know the cent symbol is nowhere to be found on the keyboard, or in the symbols of MS Word?)

Steamed White (or brown) Rice (I used Jasmine because it’s delicious and cooks quickly)


So the point here is to imitate andouille sausage. I browned my chopped fake-sausage in olive oil, crushed fennel (about 1 tsp.), and garlic powder. Then I sprinkled some Hot sauce on it and set it aside.


I boiled the tempeh in water (with some salt and black pepper) for about 10 minutes. Then, I lightly fried it for about 10 more, adding Hot Sauce, oregano, and some more black pepper. Of course I managed not so measure anything, but I think a few shakes of each is good.


Make a roux using the margarine and flour. I personally didn’t actually make a roux, because I am not blessed with the skills necessary to actually create a roux, so I just kind of had a margarine-y, flour-y mixture.

Sautee onion, zucchini squash, and green bell peppers until onions are translucent.

Add the garlic, some Hot Sauce, 1 t. black pepper, 1 t. cayenne pepper, 1 t. salt, 1 t. basil (these measurements are approximate).

Let it cook; while it cooks, mix the tomato paste with 1 c. water, and whisk/stir until it is mixed. Pour this mixture into the pot, and add the tempeh and sausage. Add some more Hot sauce (about 10 shakes), and then bring everything to a mild boil. I would advise steaming the rice at this point (which takes about 20 minutes, and will allow your etouffee to simmer and absorb flavors), and then throw the green onions into the etouffee. Serve with a good beer, and enjoy!

Time To Budget: probably about 45 minutes; more if you don’t multitask and half-monitor three pans at once.

5 responses to “Vegan Etouffee

  1. thanks for the inspiration (though its almost a year later!!)

  2. I used this recipe with seitan instead of tempeh and the vegan brats. It reminded me of an crawfish etouffee from my non-vegan days. Thank you for the recipe.

  3. If you are not inclined to make your own roux there are pre-made veggie options at (I am no associated with them just a fan) made from canola oil.

  4. EmpressShea'

    I Don’t Know Who You Are. But You’re Awesome! 😇Just Reading Your Recipe Top To Bottom, You’re Hilarious But Probably Really Serious. Anyhow Thanks To You For Posting, I Tried This Exact Recipe Minus The Vegan Sausage & Added Garbonza Bean Instead. Still Yummy Thank You Mam! 👌👌👌

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