Quick and Delish

Well, as per usual, despite my best intentions, I have not posted as much as I want to. HOWEVER, this post and the next few willl be somewhat catch-uppy, in order to chronicle all the loveliness of the past few days.

While home in S-Lake last weekend, I decided to make Veganomicon‘s Pasta Della California. It has a white wine-based garlic sauce, and is filled with delicious greens: broccoli, spinach, and avocados. We served it with grilled asparagus, and boy was it delicious. I think, however, that in the future I should a) use fresh broccoli (instead of leftover/already cooked broccoli) and b) I should NOT put in all the avocados the first night because (duh) they do not keep well over night. Thus, for a first night only, no leftovers meal, it was delicious and fresh and new and lovely. For leftovers, however, it is really not so good. I highly recommend it to everyone though. Yum yum yum.

I also discovered vegan raviolis at Central Market the other day. They have artichoke hearts and other deliciousness in them, and I served them with my classic red sauce from last post. I used the rest of the sauce to make Spirals and White Beans, one of my favorite, super easy snacks. I like to prepare Great Northern and Navy beans in my pressure cooker, and then use them throughout the week. They are especially delicious with pasta, and they kind of even out the meal to make it healthier/more filling. Plus, the meal is super easy:

Spirals and White Beans

1 lb. spiral noodle pasta

Classic Tomato Sauce (recipe at the bottom of this post).

1 cup dry white beans (either Great Northern or Navy).

How to?
Before work, or the night before, soak the beans in water. THIS IS MUST. They need to be in there at least 6 hours, preferably 8. Put the beans in the pressure cooker (only fill the pressure cooker halfway with water, or else it will blow up! or something equally bad). Cook beans for necessary time (I consult this chart every time, it is so helpful. Each bean is different, so I slightly adjust the time every time I cook them).

While beans are de-pressuring, prepare pasta. Or, if beans are already ready, just prepare the pasta.

Toss 1/4 cup cooked beans with pasta and lots of sauce (to preference). Delicious, quick, and easy!

Coming Next: Banana Bread with Walnuts and my variation on Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World’s Carrot Cake Cupcakes! Also: stories and pictures regarding The Vagina Monologues.

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