Picnic Sandwiches

A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of going to the grocercy at 1 pm on a Saturday, and as a result waited in line for a long time. All was not lost, however, because I perused and proceded to purchase the latest Vegetarian Times and saw Jennifer McCann’s badass picnic lunch, which I proceeded to make (in part) for my house-hunting trip to Indiana. I brought it with me on the plane and chowed down, to the dismay of my overly talkative and super jealous neighbor, who was eating $17 pretzels (ok, I maybe rounded up on the price, but you all know which pretzels I mean!).

I changed Jennifer’s recipe a bit by adding sliced pickles to the sandwich and also putting diced cucumber in the cream cheez mixture and reducing the sliced cucumber on the sandwich, ’cause I’m picky ’bout my cucumber like that.

partially assembled sandwich and its inspiration

partially assembled sandwich and its inspiration

the finished product!

the finished product!

Overall, a great sandwich. If you actually carve out some of the bread, then you can pile up this sandwich with all the filling and delicious goodness available. Take it on a picnic, or a plane, or a train. Check out the recipe in June’s VT.

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